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Elevating Industries with Precision Filters


Elevating Industries with Precision Filters


Elevating Industries with Precision Filters

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About us

Ferroperm Optics A/S is the manufacturer of choice for optical filter solutions worldwide.

We have more than four decades of experience manufacturing high quality multilayer thin films at competitive prices for a wide variety of optical as well as non-optical applications.

Our values

Our Core Values



We shall pursue innovation in all our products and services by using state-of-the-art techniques and by constantly attracting the most skilled professionals within the field.



We shall make Ferroperm Optics our customers’ preferred partner by setting the highest standards in everything we do. We shall be the best in our business and a stimulating and rewarding place to work.



Our purpose is to provide high quality thin film optical products at a competitive price. We are serving all kinds of customers, from customers needing only one specific filter to OEM customers.

Experience the Future with Ferroperm Optics

Discover our cutting-edge filter solutions today

Why Choose Us

Our Unique Value Proposition

We offer high quality and reliable products. Each batch is traceable, and the products are thoroughly tested throughout the manufacturing process. This is part of our DNA and the basis of our ISO-certification.

High Standards

In addition to meeting customer specifications, our filters are also manufactured to meet international standards (like MIL-STD).


We are loyal to our customers and will do whatever is possible to expedite deliveries of prototypes or production orders when an unexpected demand arises. Providing exceptional customer service is a top priority for us!

Industry Expertise

With a focus on cutting-edge coating technology, we lead the way in advancements for optical thin film filters.


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