Optical Filters

We manufacture a wide variety of high quality thin film optical interference filters in the near ultraviolet, visible and near infrared spectral regions. This is ranging from the most common bandpass and long/short-pass filters to special customer specified filters in the 200 nm - 2500 nm range.

All our filter designs are created on a per customer basis and taylored to fit the required optical properties and environmental conditions. Typical filters include:

  • Bandpass filters (BP)

  • Short-pass and long-pass filters
    (SWP & LWP)

  • Fluorescence filters

  • Beam splitters (single and mulit-band)

  • Anti-reflection coatings

  • Neutral-density filters and other metal coatings

  • Notch filters

  • Order sorting filters

  • Mirrors (dielectric and metal)